Ing. Radka Kučerová

Head Office, Thick Film Technology Manager

  • Acceptation and management of orders, including production plan
  • Administrative support of technical departments of BVT
  • Design and production of electrochemical sensors on ceramic substrates
  • Design and production of sensors by 3dimensional thick film technology (3D TFT)
  • Biochemical pastes preparation
Fine Mechanical Production
Design and production of BVT products
Michaela Jakešová
Trace Analysis using Biosensors department
  • Development of new applications for electrochemical sensors and biosensors in trace analyses
  • Development of trace analysis methodology
  • Customer support on trace analyses using electrochemical sensors and biosensors
  • The measurementusingalgae

Ing. Lucie Brožová

Consultancy department
  • Preparation of new projects and administration of current national and European research projects (including internal and commercial)
  • Responsibility for communication with project participants
  • Organization and leading of project meetings
  • Management of human sources including company staff training and further education development
  • IPR management and strategy including publications, patents and patent analysis

The project for external customers are prepared and managed on contractual basis.