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BVT Publications


A selection of scientific articles which are related to BVT products.

Amperometric Immunosensors for Rapid Detection of Honeybee Pathogen Melisococcus Plutonis

Voltammetric Detection of Anthraquinone 2 Sulfonate After its Separation by Means of a Microdialysis Catheter

Versatile tool for manipulation of electrophoresis chips

Comparasion of diagnostic strips Calla and Beckman glucose analyzer

Comparasion of pumps, syringes and flow stability

Products usable for microdialysis

Long term stability of GOD sensors

Effeiciency Wall-Jet Cell FC2

A steady-state and flow-through cell for screen-printed eight-electrode arrays

A multichannel immunochemical sensors

Advances in electrochemical immunosensors

A disposable amperometric  immunosensors

Detection of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides using disposable biosensors based on chemically modified electrodes and immobilized cholinesterase

Determination of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides using a cobalt phthalocyanine modified carbon paste electrode

Voltammetry under a controlled temperature gradient

Microbial monooxygenase amperometric biosensor fo rmonitoring of Baeyer–Villiger biotransformation

This is not a definitive list and you are welcome to contribute your suggestion for references we have overlooked.

BVT Patents

BVT has a several patents which protected main technology and preparation of electrodes and device.

US 7,811,431 B2

A nanostructured working electrode of an electrochemical sensor

A nanostructured working electrode of an electrochemical sensor where the working electrode is composed of a material in the form of a film and is inserted onto the sensor. The electrode can be prepared from materials the use of which was impossible in the working electrodes known in the art (e.g. metals of defined purity). A method of manufacturing of the nanostructured working electrode and an electrochemical sensor containing the nanostructured electrode is disclosed.

Application number 1994-864

Amperometric biosensor created by screen printing technology

UV Application Number 1994-1919 (Number of protective document 1596)
Temperature compensation of biosensors

Application Number 1996-3779 (Number protective document 287676)
Device for electrochemical and biosensor measurements

UV Application Number 1997-6888 (Number of protective document 6566)
Biosensor for the determination of concentrations of substances that inhibit cholinesterase

Application Number 2001-4096 Equipment for chemical analysis

Application Number 2002-3611 (Number of protective document 301131)
Equipment for chemical analysis

Application Number 2002-1926 (Number of protective document 297082)
Components with three-dimensional structure prepared by thick film technology and process for their preparation.

Application Number 2005-294
Nanostructured working electrode of electrochemical sensor, the method of its preparation and the sensor containing the working electrode

Application Number 2007-309
Electrochemical sensor and biosensor method and electrochemical measurements

Application Number 2009-22
Electrochemical sensor and method of preparation