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Solar Biyoteknoloji Potentiostats

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  • GX102 Potentiostat

    One of the smallest electrochemistry interface on the market. Compatible with most screen-printed electrodes. Part of the Super-compact series instruments. 

    These super small and affordable instruments enable you to develop applications tailored for your research needs. Super-compact series instruments are optimized for screen-printed sensor and biosensor applications but they can also be used in many other research areas, such as other electrochemical sensors, corrosion, battery and super-capacitors or fuel cells.

    Directly plug into an Android mobile device through OTG port for a true on-site analysis experience.

    Advanced PC software enables control of multiple units from same screen and at the same time, setting up parallel replicates and spools for a more customized multiplexing experience.

    • Operating mode                                              Potentiostat
    • Current resolution                                          0.002 % of current range (130 pA on lowest current range)
    • Maximum current                                           ±750 µA
    • Number of channels                                        2*
    • Electrochemical cell compatibility               WE, RE and CE; WE and RE/CE
    • Inputs/outputs                                                 Screen printed sensor interface options: 3×2.54mm, 4×2.54 mm or 3x 3.96 mm and more
    • Number of current ranges                              7 and Autorange
    • Number of current ranges remarks              6.5µA to 750 µA
    • Potential accuracy                                            ≤0.1%
    • Potential scan range                                        ±2 V*
    • Potential resolution                                         250 µV
    • PC interface                                                       USB-C
    • Android mobile device interface                   USB-C OTG
    • Multiplexibility                                                 Up to 256 devices, by SUITE software
    • PowerUSB;                                                         5VDC / 20 mA max
    • Dimensions                                                        (W/H/D)35 x 15 x 7 mm*
    • Weight of the instrument                                4 gr*

    *Specifications may vary depending on the model.

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