About Us_old

BVT Technologies (joint-stock company) is a private company based in the Czech Republic.
BVT was founded by Dr. Jan Krejčí in 2000.
BVT commercialize based his long term
expertise in the field of electrochemical sensors and biosensors.

The company develops and manufactures a wide range of electrochemical sensors,
enzyme biosensors (AChE and GOx) and related
laboratory equipment including connectors,
flow cells, pumps, potentiostats, software and other devices. BVT specializes in thick film

technology for the production of screen printed electrochemical sensors. BVT can deliver wide
variety of sensors in very low quantities. BVT has more than 20 years of experience in this field.
The company founder was one of the first in the world to use screen printed electrodes (1986).

Over the last ten years of our existence BVT has gained customer confidence through interactive
understanding and maintaining high degree of
operational flexibility, customization, new product
development or large scale project involvement.
We even offer technological training on an in-house
project basis for our customers.

A whole range of further products and accessories integrating the sensor response to user-communicable
results are offered to customers.
The offer includes data acquisition systems, PC analysis software packages,
miniaturized pumps, microflow system, special connectors, adapters etc.

Our customers are primarily researchers within academic research, research institutes, or industrial laboratories.
Our customers produce
world-class research and develop technologies that are used in novel products and
applications within the medical diagnostics, renewable energy,
materials testing and research fields.

BVT supports its customers in long term projects. They are concentrated to further development of
electrochemical sensors and biosensors technology.
They also develop new methodologies of sensor application.