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  • Desiccator

    An airtight container which maintains an atmosphere of low humidity through the use of a suitable drying agent which occupies the bottom part of the desiccator. It is for the storage of dry objects that must not be exposed to the moisture normally present in the atmosphere.

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  • MDC1 Microdialysis Catheter for “in vitro” Measurement

    The microflow cell FC2 (BVT Technologies, a.s.) connected with microdialysis catheter PME011 (Probe Scientific, Ltd., UK) enables continuous monitoring of low-molecular substances in circulating blood without withdrawing blood from the tested body. (The device is not approved for human use as a whole; the microdialysis catheter has the approval for medical use).


    SPE electrochemical sensors and biosensors can be enclosed in the FC2 cell – e.g. the AC1.GOD sensor for measuring glucose. The advantage of this system is the defined and sterile conditions under which the sample is fed through the microdialysis catheter to the working electrode of the SPE sensor.


    The device can be also used for measurement in fermentation reactors, in subcutaneous tissues or in special scientific apparatuses. The main advantage of this catheter is in a special membrane which produces a “plasma-like” or “prefiltered sample” sample without the need for blood centrifugation or deproteinization.


    MDC1 makes online monitoring of different blood parameters (biochemical compounds actual concentration or kinetics of enzymatic reactions) possible. The device is also convenient for pharmacological studies. The device can be used only for non human applications.

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  • Pipette Round Base Stand

    A custom BVT pipette stand with a round base, designed for storing a large number of glass pipettes. Made to be robust and long-lasting, for easy organization, storage and use.

    The round stand contains 35 holes with a diameter of 11.38 mm and 14 holes with
    a diameter of 7.89 mm.

    The stand is designed so that the lower round base of the stand can be separated from the stand for easy washing.

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  • Pipettor Rack

    The BVT Pipettor Rack is designed with user needs in mind, the design has been made to maximize bench space by using the Pipettor Rack to store pipettors when not in use. Holds up to three pipettors. Material of the rack is PMMA.


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  • PME011 Microdialysis Catheter Microeye

    Microdialysis catheter is provided with a special membrane which produces a “plasma-like” sample without the need for blood centrifugation.


    It enables “plasma-like” samples taking and continuous monitoring of low-molecular substances in circulating blood without withdrawing blood from the patient. It offers virtually real-time information. Samples can be collected for off-line analysis if required. This catheter is easy to use and reduces risks of contact with blood borne pathogens. The MicroEye is intended for intravenous use for periods up to 48 hours and is inserted via 18G blood catheter.


    The range of substances that can be monitored using this catheter

    • Electrolytes (such as potassium, magnesium etc.)
    • Energy metabolites (glucose, lactate, pyruvate, etc.)
    • Amino acids (glutamate, GABA, etc.)
    • Hormones and neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, etc.)
    • Inflammatory mediators and growth factors (cytokines, etc.)
    • Drugs and their metabolites (unbound “free fractions and /or total
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  • Single Seat Magnetic Stirrer

    Single-seat magnetic stirrer without heating used to stir liquids with a stirring bar.


    The mixing speed can be changed continuously using the rotary control: 0-255 rpm. Lightweight and easily portable, suitable for mixing liquids with a volume of up to 1 l. The magnetic stirrer includes a connector connected to a 12 V power supply.


    Original design of the magnetic stirrer in two colours. Upon agreement, it is possible to produce magnetic stirrers in colours according to the customer’s wishes.


    The single-seat magnetic stirrer includes two glass magnetic stirring bars (1 piece of type GMS.1 and 1 piece of type GMS.2 below). It is possible to buy more pieces of glass magnetic stirring bars.

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  • Test Tube Stand with Interchangeable Lids

    A BVT Custom Test Tube Stand for laboratory measurement needs.
    The Stand’s body is a solid structure with Interchangeable Lids. The Lids can be chosen
    with different Slot Sizes, for example a lid with holes of Diameter 20mm will have 40 Slots.
    The amount of slots each lid has is dependent on the diameter of the holes.
    Available Slot Diameters with corresponding Slot amounts:
    • 11mm Diameter – 102 Slots
    • 17mm Diameter – 48 Slots
    • 20mm Diameter – 40 Slots
    • 30mm Diameter – 18 Slots
    Other Slot Diameters are available and can also be made to your required Diameters.

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