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2022 Autumn

New Sensor CC4

We are pleased to inform you about
our new Conductivity Sensor the

2016 Spring

Starter Kit for Electrochemistry (SK4E)

SK4E enables you to start basic electrochemical measurements. You only need the chemicals and solutions. SK4E involves BVT electrodes (Classical, screen printed or sputtered), reaction vessel, stirrer, connectors, etc. with the functional, convenient and high quality equipment of BVT and the portable, economical and easy to use research grade potentiostats of PalmSens.

2015 Winter


AlgaTox is a new device for detection ecotoxicity based on precise monitoring of algae oxygen production after their light stimulation. The methodology was certified by Czech ministry of transport. The use of device is, however, broader. We make some overview here to give you some inspiration in your work. We are seen to introduce this technology and we will be happy to measure your samples. Algatox was patented in the Czech Republic (CZ 305687).

2015 Autumn

Training and collaboration which facilitate the application of sensors

The training assures the effective introduction in the sensor technology. It can be used in different levels (Facility usage (rent), Facility usage with staff support, Training in sensor usage application (optimization to customer application), Joint research or commercial project, …

2014 Winter

USB potentiostat

USB potentiostat is unique device with small dimensions. The device contains the amperometry, cyclic voltammetry and puls amperometry. It is convenient for fast screening electrochemical measurement. The device is compatible with AC1 sensors with integrated electrochemical cells.

2014 Autumn

Enzymatic and biochemical activity measurement

New measuring set for biochemical activity evaluation.