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  • AC9C Holder

    Holder for AC9C electrochemical sensor with an array of 8 working electrodes and 1 common reference electrode. 


    It is used for multi-analyte detection. Sensor holder fits in TC9 glass cell opening.

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  • Stand TC – Stand for glass cells TC6, TC9

    Stand for glass cells TC6 and TC9.


    This stand enables fix the cell with all measurement accessories (classic electrodes, stirrer, holders, stoppers,…).

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  • STP1.* Stoppers for Cells

    Stoppers are formed from white PBTP (Polybutylenterephtalate). They are used for covering of the glass cells produced by BVT.


    The system with the stopper is closed and space is prevent from solution evaporation.

    Model Recommended Vessel Termination
    STP1.S TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper for TC4, TC5, TC6
    STP1.1 TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper with bubbling
    STP1.2 TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper with tubing
    STP1.3 TC4, TC5, TC6 Middle stopper
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  • WI Wash Instrument for FC

    Washing instrument for flow cells FC2, FC3 and FC4.


    Flow cells FC2, FC3 and FC4 can be fouled by buffer salts, standard or sample substances especially in the tubing that brings measured liquid to the sensor.

    The salts embed namely in the edges of drilled openings. It causes decrease of the flow area, thereby flow rate. These negative influences decrease the signal and measurement reliability. Most frequently it happens when high salt concentration solutions or solutions with impurities are used. The flows cell can be washed by pressured water using syringe.

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