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  • Mini Rotating Disk Electrode Kit

    The Rotating disk electrode in general enables defined mass transfer towards electrode surface. The Mini RDE Kit consists of TC glass cell, the rotating disk electrode itself, control electronics and software. The device is powered by USB connection with PC. Glass cell openings are suitable for connector KA1.C for electrochemical sensor AC1 or classical electrodes WCEc, ACEc and RCEc.

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  • SIRE Sensor Set

    The SIRE Senor Set consists of a Sensor with an integrated non-removable specialised chamber; the set also contains a syringe which will allow the injection of the recognition element (Enzyme).
    The SIRE sensor uses the concept of soluble enzymes into a reaction chamber separated from the sample by a semi permeable dialysis membrane. The analyte (for example maltose), enters into the reaction chamber by diffusion. The analyte reacts with the recognition enzymes creating H2O2 which is oxidized on a screen printed Pt electrode. The current corresponds to the amount of analyte.

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  • STK Starting kit

    Starting kit STK.S

    Set of twenty electrochemical sensors to find the best one to fit your application


    Set of twenty electrochemical sensors to start your measurement with miniRDE

    Starting kit is the set of twenty different electrochemical sensors to find the best one to fit your application. Starting kit contains 10 types of electrochemical sensors (2 sensors of each type), simple sensors connector and sensors box with numbered positions and silica gel.

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