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Monokrystaly Potentiostats

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  • MPH 471 Universal Potentiostat

    The instrument enables measurement of amperometry, potentiometry and conductometry. Communication with the computer is provided via USB or Bluetooth. This hand-held device is equipped with GPS navigation so the measured data may be enhanced by the exact coordinates of the location where the measurement was made. Measured data can be stored and later processed in a PC because of the SD card slot incorporation. The ability to record a waveforms or integrate the measure values is enabled. Basic evaluation methods are also implemented – linear and non-linear calibration and standard addition method is available. The influence of the type of oxygen electrode membrane, temperature or gas solubility can be compensated for the measured values. The measured data are automatically recalculated and displayed in units of current, voltage, concentration (g∙L-1 or mol∙L-1) or saturation. Potentiometric measurement allows connection of pH electrodes and ISE.

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