Service support

We believe that high quality technical and service support is important to our customers. We pride ourselves on
being able to respond quickly and efficiently and will direct your enquiry to the person(s) in our company most
able to deal with any service or applications questions you might have.

BVT offers customers full technical support in field of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. BVT customers are
enabled to use all advantages of electrochemical sensors and biosensors. The company mission is realized through
its structure, which copies the typical customer technical problems.


  • Glucose sensors, their use and measurement
  • AChE sensors, their use and measurement
  • Activity of enzymes measurement
  • Inhibition of enzymes measurement
  • Detection of organophosphorous and carbamate pesticides
  • Biosensors based on interaction between algae and analyte
  • Detection of herbicides
  • Measurement of bioavailable toxic compounds
  • Measurement with microfluidic chips
  • The application of microdialysis with biosensors
  • The application of biosensor on demand of customer (If necessary the cost of preparation and special sensors or chemicals is added to standard price.)