EA164 QuadStat

  • Four-channel potentiostat 10mA to 200pA range
  • Separate/common reference and auxiliary electrodes
  • BiPotentiostat
  • Ideal for amperometric biosensors, microbial fuel cells, photovoltaic materials and neurochemistry


The QuadStat is a software-controlled four-channel potentiostat with many Research Advantages (see below). Each channel can be used as a single three-electrode potentiostat. Alternatively two (bipotentiostat), three, or four working electrodes can be used in a single reaction chamber with a common reference and auxiliary electrode. Potential at each working electrode can be independently adjusted between ±2.5 V, or by using an external waveform generator to between ±10 V. The QuadStat can measure currents from pico- to milliamperes, making it ideal for amperometric biosensor research including use as a multichannel monitor for in vivo nitric oxide or dissolved oxgen sensors.

Two QuadStats can be ‘piggybacked’ to provide eight potentiostat channels.

By connecting the corresponding auxiliary and reference electrode leads, the QuadStat can be used as a four channel two-electrode (working and counter electrode) potentiostat. There is also a zero resistance ammeter (ZRA) mode of operation on each channel.


More information can be found through the link: https://www.edaq.com/EA164