Project Support and Consultancy

BVT has a lot of experience from participating in International Projects and developments of technology such as Sensors/Electrodes and Lab Equipment, which allows us the ability to provide support and consultancy services for multiple types of projects and also as a 3rd party expert for help or consultancy on projects. With our 30+ Years of experience in a range of areas, we can provide expert and reliable advice.


We have experts in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Thick Film Technology and Engineering and Design, who are on hand with their knowledge to assist partners and customers alike. Some examples of Projects that we have worked on include HydroSense (No. 7D19007), InFuLOC (No. 230749) and BioMedNano (No. 017350), these projects show a range of what BVT has to offer in other projects and as consultants.