MDC1 Microdialysis Catheter for “in vitro” Measurement

The microflow cell FC2 (BVT Technologies, a.s.) connected with microdialysis catheter PME011 (Probe Scientific, Ltd., UK) enables continuous monitoring of low-molecular substances in circulating blood without withdrawing blood from the tested body. (The device is not approved for human use as a whole; the microdialysis catheter has the approval for medical use). The device can be also used for measurement in fermentation reactors, in subcutaneous tissues or in special scientific apparatuses. The main advantage of this catheter is in a special membrane which produces a “plasma-like” or “prefiltered sample” sample without the need for blood centrifugation or deproteinization. MDC1 makes online monitoring of different blood parameters (biochemical compounds actual concentration or kinetics of enzymatic reactions) possible. The device is also convenient for pharmacological studies. The device can be used only for non human applications.

Useful Documents

MDC1 Datasheet