PME011 Microdialysis Catheter Microeye

Microdialysis catheter is provided with a special membrane which produces a “plasma-like” sample without the need for blood centrifugation. It enables “plasma-like” samples taking and continuous monitoring of low-molecular substances in circulating blood without withdrawing blood from the patient. It offers virtually real-time information. Samples can be collected for off-line analysis if required. This catheter is easy to use and reduces risks of contact with blood borne pathogens. The MicroEye is intended for intravenous use for periods up to 48 hours and is inserted via 18G blood catheter.

The range of substances that can be monitored using this catheter

  • Electrolytes (such as potassium, magnesium etc.)
  • Energy metabolites (glucose, lactate, pyruvate, etc.)
  • Amino acids (glutamate, GABA, etc.)
  • Hormones and neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, etc.)
  • Inflammatory mediators and growth factors (cytokines, etc.)
  • Drugs and their metabolites (unbound “free fractions and /or total