• portable potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer
  • ±10V@1Amp control range
  • current range
    – 100nA to 1A
    – 10nA with gain
  • 3 measurement/control voltage ranges
  • 9 measurement/control current ranges
  • frequency range : 10uHz ~ 1MHz
  • 14 EIS techniques capability including multisine implementation
  • high speed data sampling time
    – 2usec or 3usec depending on data point number
  • fast sweep mode(5000V/sec with 10mV data sampling)
  • voltage pulse or current pulse charge/discharge test (GSM,CDMA etc.)
  • sine wave function for ripple simulatin inenergy test software package &
    pulse plating available
  • internal 542,000 data point storage and continuing experiment regardless of PC failure
  • auxiliary voltage input : one analog input, ±10V
  • light and compact design
  • water proof case
  • tablet PC included
  • optional battery pack is available
  • inclues basic software, Energy/Impedance/Battery/Echem analysis software packages
  • free software upgrade

More information can be found through the link: http://wonatech.com/public_html/index.php?module=Goods&action=SiteGoodseng&sMode=VIEW_FORM&CurrentPage=1&sCurrSortCd=003002001&iGoodsCd=400&iNo=1