• economical high quality potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer
  • compact size with full functions
  • ±10V@1Amp control range
  • wide current ranges(1A to 10nA) for various applications
  • built-in FRA : enables EIS tests by using software
  • 14 EIS techniques capability including multisine
  • capable of multitude of applications
    – corrosion, general electrochemistry, sensor, battery, fuel cell,
    supercapacitor, solar cell, etc.
  • bipolar pulse capability
  • voltage pulse or current pulse charge/discharge test(GSM,CDMA etc.),
    sine wave function for ripple simulation withenergysoftwarepackage
    & pulse plating available
  • high speed data sampling time
    – 2usec or 3usec depending on data point number
  • iR compensation and measurement
  • 3 measurement/control voltage ranges &
    9 measurement/control current ranges
  • internal 542,000 data point storage & continuing experiment regardless
    of PC failure.
  • multichannel configuration available
  • free software upgrade

More information can be found through the link: http://wonatech.com/public_html/index.php?module=Goods&action=SiteGoodseng&sMode=VIEW_FORM&CurrentPage=1&sCurrSortCd=003002001&iGoodsCd=401&iNo=1