The EmStat4R delivers desktop performance in a rugged enclosure. The EmStat4R is a portable Battery or USB-powered Potentiostat, Galvanostat, and optional a Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

The EmStat4R is great for applications that require low currents, from 30 mA down to picoamps, such as sensor applications. The EmStat4R is controlled with PSTrace for Windows, the Android app PStouch, or you can write your own MethodSCRIPT and control it from any platform or operating system.


More information can be found through the link: https://www.palmsens.com/product/emstat4r/


  • Portable: battery, Bluetooth and rugged housing
  • Available with connection module for sensor cable or SPE
  • Potential range ±3 V
  • Max. current ±30 mA
  • Optional impedance analyzer: 10 μHz up to 200 kHz


Two versions

The EmStat4R is available with a cell cable or SPE connection module. Both versions can be configured with optional EIS/FRA with a maximum frequency of 200 kHz. See specifications for more information.

EmStat4R SNS EmStat4R SPE

Connection module Cell cable Connection module Screen-printed-electrode
Cell cable included Yes Cell cable included No
Electrode connections WE, RE, CE and ground Electrode connections RE, WE, CE
Connectors 2 mm banana Sensor pitch 2.54 mm
    Maximum sensor width 11 mm
    Allowed sensor thickness Between 0.1 mm and 0.8 mm

Always a backup

The EmStat4R is equipped with 500 MB internal storage memory for storing your measurements as a backup. All internally stored measurements can be browsed and transferred back to the PC easily using the PSTrace software for Windows. Your data is always with your instrument wherever you take it.


Standard included

A standard EmStat4R includes a rugged carrying case with:

  • EmStat4R
  • Rugged case
  • USB-C cable
  • Cell cable: high quality, double-shielded cable with 2 mm banana connectors for Working, Counter, Reference electrode and Ground
  • 4 crocodile clips
  • Dummy Cell
  • PSTrace software for Windows (on USB drive)
  • Manual (hardcopy)
  • Quick Start document
  • Calibration report
  • Three year warranty