MUX8-R2 Multiplexer

Multiplexer for 8 up to 128 cells

  • Automatically switch between electrochemical cells
  • Easy stacking with magnetic feet and top
  • 4 different electrode or sensor configurations
  • Daisy chain multiplexers, up to 128 channels!

The PalmSens series and the EmStat4X can be used to work with multiple working electrodes or a sensor array by means of a multiplexer.


The multiplexer switches between the working electrodes in the range of milliseconds.

  • each MUX8-R2 multiplexer enables to work with up to eight 2- or 3- electrode systems.
  • daisy chaining multiple MUX8-R2 boards (expansion up to 128 channels)
  • all hardware settings are controlled by the software making it unnecessary to flick a physical switch
  • LEDs to show which channel is selected
  • allows to connect auxiliary input (like temperature sensor)


More information can be found through the link:


Connection options

The most selected connection option uses two double shielded D-Sub cables ending in 2 mm banana plugs. As alternatives we can provide a PCB with screw terminalsD-Sub cable ending in ferrules or Screen Printed Electrode Adapter. Each of these cables can be connected to 4 channels, if all 8 channels are used, two cables are needed.


number of channels  8 (up to 128 when daisy chained)
multiplexer switches 8 x (WE, S, RE and CE)
on resistance for WE 1.5 ohm typical
charge injection on WE 20 pC typical
leakage current < 55 pA (30 pA typical) at 25 ºC
switching time 2 ms

compliance voltage

± 10 V
housing aluminium: 138 mm x 121 mm x 37 mm
weight  +/- 500 g
temperature range 0 ºC to + 50 ºC
power supply USB


The MUX8-R2 has the following connectors:

Connector Function
Input Y-cable connects to both potentiostat sensor connector and (digital) AUX
AUX Can be used to measure auxiliary input like temperature or pH, and to switch external hardware using two digital control lines that can be set in PSTrace
Link Connects to Input of next multiplexer, for daisy-chaining multiple multiplexers
USB-C Input for extra power when
≥3 multiplexers are daisy-chained
Channel 1-4 Connects to sensor cables 1-4
Channel 5-8 Connects to sensor cables 5-8