With the EmStat3MUX8-R2 you can connect arrays or other setups made of up to eight working electrodes in two or three electrode cell types. If more channels are required, one or more MUX-R2 can be stacked to the EmStatMUX8-R2 for a total of up to 128 channels.

The potentiostat is controlled as well as powered by USB and is used with PSTrace. The MUX8-R2 can sample different cells at a rate of 25 ms/cell. Usually a method needs to be finished to switch the cell but the fast sampling per cell makes it possible to measure time depending techniques, e.g. chronoamperometry, practically simultaneously. Via the script window of PSTrace it is also possible to perform a different experiment on each of the channels sequentially.

More information can be found through the link: https://www.palmsens.com/product/emstatmux/