MT-1 Minithermostat

Technical Parameters

  • Supply: 12 V
  • Min temperature: -9.9°C
  • Max temperature: 59.9 °C
  • For TC4, TC6 or Eppendorf microvials

Device Usage

  • Cooling/heating of solution of temperature sensitive chemicals during experiments
  • Maintaining of chemicals at exact temperature
  • The electrochemical measurement with thermodiffusion
  • Heated electrodes technology

The option with Eppendorf microvials 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml is possible

Minithermostat device is designed for tempering an electrolytic bath for electrochemical measurements. The temperature is stabilized and the Peltier thermal element, which allows cool or warm the measured electrolytic samples.

Useful Documents

MT-1 Datasheet