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AC1 Dwe= 4 mm Electrochemical sensor

Basic amperometric three-electrode sensor with patented structure made by thick film technology.  

Dimensions: 38.10 mm after breaking off (25.40 mm) x 7.26 mm x 0.63 mm

WE material: Au/Pt, Au, Pt, Ag, C

The sensor is formed on a corundum ceramic base. On to this surface the working, the reference and the auxiliary electrodes are applied. The working and the auxiliary electrodes are made of variety of materials. At the end of the sensor there is a contacting field which is connected with the active part by the silver conducting paths which are covered by a dielectric protection layer. A bio-chemically active substance can be immobilised on the working electrode of the sensor to create a biosensor. All sensors can be equipped with heating and temperature sensing elements. Thermistor (must be calibrated) or Pt 1000 (the response corresponds to the ISO standard) can be used as the temperature sensor. The sensor is equipped with handling part which enables safe manipulation without contamination of active area. The handling part can be broken off and sensor can be inserted in the standard BVT flow cells.