Hanging Platinum Drop Electrode

The Hanging Platinum Drop Electrode (HPDE) is solid phase alanogy of HMDE.
The drop of liquid Pt at 2000 °C forms a drop of Pt. The surface of HPDE has nearly ideal surface which is impossible to obtain using polishing. HPDE has also spherical symmetry which enables mathematical treatment of its response.
The material is not toxic and it is chemically stable. The only disadvantage is HPDE cleaning, which can be, however, in some cases solved by carefull insertion of the electrode tip to the flame of an alcohol burner.
Thus HPDE can be used as reference electrode for complicated electrochemical studies, where it is necessary to distinguish the analytical signal from the signal generated by surface inhomogenities.
Hanging platinum drop electrode (HPDE) is designed for measurements with thermostated cell TC4, TC5, TC6 and TC9.