TC5 Electrochemical Glass Cell

Borosilicate glass cell serves for electrochemical measurements. The cell is jacketed.

The analyzed solution can be thermostated by external thermostat.

Cell openings are designed for electrochemical sensors connector KA1.C, classical electrodes WCEc, ACEc, RCEc and stirrer ST1, ST3 separately.

Useful Documents

TC5 Data Sheet


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  • ST1.* Universal Stirrer for screen printed and classical electrodes

    • The universal stirrer ST1 uses a common  micro DC motor
    • ST1 allows the solution to be mixed and  the particles to be optimally transferred  to the surface of the printed or conventional electrodes.
    • The construction of stirrer assures the optimum mass transport with the minimum hydrodynamic noise.
    • The supply voltage 0 – 5 V and the maximum current of 450 mA mean that it can be used as a USB device.
    • The stirrer is manufactured from quality materials and suitable chemical measurements.
    • Revolutions range: 120 – 12 000 rpm
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  • WCEc.W*.D* Working Classic Electrode Conic

    WCEc is a glass tube with a Pt or Au (wire) or a peek tube with a compact glassy carbon  inside.


    Only the circle glossy area of the (Pt or Au) metal wire is outside the glass tube or the circular glossy area of compact glassy carbon is outside the plastic peek tube. Standard connection is with a 2 mm banana connector. Connector or banana plug colour is red. Working classic electrode (WCEc) is designed for measurements with TC4, TC5, TC6, TC9 glass cell.

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  • RCEc.R* Reference Classic Electrode Conic

    RCEc is a glass hollow tube with silver or silver covered by silver chloride wire inside. The tube is hollow with the hole in the wall for inserting KCl solution.


    Hole is covered by a rubber band. Reference classic electrode (RCEc) is designed for measurements with glass cell TC4, TC5, TC6, TC9.

    Standard connection is with a 2 mm banana connector.

    Connector or banana plug colour is blue.

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  • STP1.* Stoppers for Cells

    Stoppers are formed from white PBTP (Polybutylenterephtalate). They are used for covering of the glass cells produced by BVT.


    The system with the stopper is closed and space is prevent from solution evaporation.

    Model Recommended Vessel Termination
    STP1.S TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper for TC4, TC5, TC6
    STP1.1 TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper with bubbling
    STP1.2 TC4, TC5, TC6 Stopper with tubing
    STP1.3 TC4, TC5, TC6 Middle stopper
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