Custom Screen Printed Electrode (SPE)

We offer our customers Custom Sensors based on their demands and needs, and we will also recommend to the customer if there is a better option for their intended purposes.


High-purity material on WE

We can provide polished working electrode or insert a high-purity material on WE (99.9% or better). The WE can be applied also by sputtering.


Materials of WE

We can offer you not only standard materials Au/Pt, Au, Pt, Ag, C but also Ni, Cu, and other materials.


Sensor/device size

The Technological capabilities and our experience and knowledge enable us to produce devices from as small as 3 x 6 mm, up to as large as 150 x 1200 mm.


Special Active Surfaces

We can provide SPEs with Special Active Surfaces using Copper (Cu), Nickle (Ni), Magnesium (Mg) and Zirconium (Zr).