USB Potentiostat Galvanoplot

USB Potentiostat Galvanoplot is a super small, low-cost and affordable device suitable for dedicated volume applications, which is optimized for screen-printed sensor and biosensor applications. It can be used in many other research areas and with other electrochemical sensors, for corrosion measurement, battery and super-capacitors or fuel cells.

It is capable of performing all common Amperometric and Voltammetric electrochemistry protocols (CA, LSV, CV, DPV, NPV, SVW, GAL) and can be used with three electrode (WE/RE/CE) and two electrode (WE/RE-CE) setups. Plug the device directly into an Android mobile device through OTG port for a true on-site analysis experience. It is possible to choose from two types of interfaces allowing direct insertion of the BVT SPE sensors or the use of 3 classical electrodes with 2 mm banana plugs (WE, RE, CE).



  • Dimensions: 39x17x8 mm
  • Weight: 5 g without sensor interface
  • Voltage scan range: +-3V @1mV resolution 
  • Max current: 2000 nA (*at the request of the customer, it is possible to change the range, but this will change the resolution, noise and other parameters)
  • Current resolution: 300pA@1KSPS/ 100pA@100SPS/ 30pA/10 SPS resolution
  • Noise around: 50nA@1KSPS/ 7nA@100SPS/ 400pA/10 SPS


  • Protocols: CA, LSV, CV, DPV, NPV, SVW, GAL
  • Cell type: WE/RE/CE and WE/RE-CE
    Connectivity: USB-C (Plug the device directly into an Android mobile device through OTG port for a true on-site analysis experience)


  • Operating system compatibility: Windows 8, 10+
  • Advanced analysis – filtering and auto peaks


Device Usage

  • Electrochemical measurements
  • Measurements with biosensors and electrochemical sensors
  • Measurement of biochemical activity of a sample
  • Corrosion measurement


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