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  • TC9 Electrochemical Glass Cell

    Borosilicate glass cell serves for electrochemical measurements. The analyzed solution can be thermostated by external thermostat MT1-1. Cell openings are designed for stirrer ST9 or mini RDE and connector KA9.s with folder for electrochemical sensor AC9C, classical electrodes WCEc, ACEc and RCEc. The device enables the measurement with inserted samples.

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  • TS Testing Sensor

    Simple identificator of electrochemical hardware error

    Dimensions: 25.4 x 7.26 x 0.63 mm

    Electrochemical measurements are very sensitive. Sometimes cables, connectors and their wetness can create the measurement errors. Testing sensor enables simple identification of electrochemical hardware error. The sensor has same geometry as AC1 type but its response produced by resistor. The response is stable and independent on chemistry. Testing sensor is formed on a corundum ceramic base. At the end of the sensor there is a contacting field which is connected with the SMD resistors by the silver conducting paths which are covered by a dielectric protection layer.

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  • WCEc.W*.D* Working Classic Electrode Conic

    WCEc is a glass tube with a Pt or Au wire inside. Only circle glossy area of the metal wire is outside the glass tube. Standard connection is with a 2 mm banana connector. Connector or banana plug colour is red. Working classic electrode (WCEc) is designed for measurements with TC4, TC5, TC6, TC9 glass cell.

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  • WI Wash Instrument for FC

    Flow cells FC2, FC3 and FC4 can be fouled by buffer salts, standard or sample substances especially in the tubing that brings measured liquid to the sensor. The salts embed namely in the edges of drilled openings. It causes decrease of the flow area, thereby flow rate. These negative influences decrease the signal and measurement reliability. Most frequently it happens when high salt concentration solutions or solutions with impurities are used. The flows cell can be washed by pressured water using syringe.

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